An inviting space that is perfect for an intimate wedding


October 2, 2020

Why We Love An Intimate Wedding

Throughout the current pandemic, we have had an influx of couples opt for an intimate wedding instead of their original large wedding. Guess what feedback we are receiving because of that? Most couples have told us that they LOVED having an intimate wedding and they truly believe they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy their originally planned larger wedding as much. There are so many positives that come with planning and having a smaller more intimate wedding!

An inviting space that is perfect for an intimate wedding

More Time to Spend With Each Guest

Think about the numbers. In a smaller setting there are less guests. Therefore, you as the host have more time to actually spend with each guest throughout the day. Not only will there be less guests to get to, but the guests you have invited are your most important friends and family. Instead of hosting all night and trying to make it to every guest, you can actually spend quality time celebrating with the people that matter the most in your life! We have even seen couples be more relaxed and spend more quality time with their new partner in an intimate wedding. Your wedding day goes by too fast so having more time to spend it in other ways is a huge bonus.

You and Your Guests Feel More Relaxed

The smaller setting lends itself to be a more relaxed setting. In a lot of cases the guest list is made up of close family and friends so a lot of guests know each other. That creates a very comfortable environment. People are not afraid to have a good time, laugh, and get down on the dance floor when they feel comfortable around your other guests. Don’t forget the guests had to make the cut to be at your wedding. Therefore, these are the people who will truly cherish every aspect in witnessing an amazing couple start their new adventure together.

More Vendor Options

There is no denying that intimate weddings can be more cost friendly and affordable, but they also allow for you to have a lot more options when picking your vendors. Larger weddings can often have a limited amount of venue options due to the sheer size of their guest list. Bigger weddings are just harder to accommodate due to the amount of people. Now you have the choice of having probably almost any wedding venue to choose from. Having more venue options isn’t even the best part! Most venues and vendors charge per head. Smaller guest lists mean less heads to pay for so you have more money to splurge on other vendors that you feel will give you that wow factor on your big day!

More Memories to Hold Onto

We already discussed that you will have more quality time with your guests. Well having more quality time means you actually have time to make memories and enjoy celebrating with those who matter the most. We see it all of the time where the couple doesn’t even spend quality time celebrating with their bridal party because they are too busy hosting. Don’t forget about your photographer(s)! Since they have less people to capture, it gives them more time to get those perfect images. The will have more time to capture both beautiful candid and posed photos of you and your guests. . An intimate wedding allows for you to make more quality memories and to have stories that everybody will cherish for years to come.

It’s All About You

Don’t forget that this is YOUR big day! Your wedding day involves a lot of planning as well as hosting. It can often feel more about everybody else than you. That is not how it should be! This day is about you and your love. Opting for an intimate wedding can give you and your partner more time to spend and cherish together!

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