January 16, 2019

Liv + Craig: An Autumn Walk Down The Aisle

Liv & Craig

The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of one wildly enthusiastic and stylish Red Skins fan and a thoughtful and strong Cubs fan in the romantic fall vineyards of Charlottesville, Virginia.

When Liv and Craig contacted us to do their destination wedding, we couldn’t help but give each other high fives and huge smiles here at Blush Events.

Work with a designer? Yes, please.

Work with a New York designer who has impeccable taste and will therefore throw an unforgettable wedding for all of her out-of-state family and friends to ooh and ahhh over?  Yes, yes, yes!

Destination weddings are quickly becoming our specialty.

We have worked with several couples who have families sprinkled all over the country and they need a wedding event planner they can trust to handle all the details and keep the big picture in mind.

Our team got right to work, snagging a location that would meet the need of travelers from afar seeing something new AND double as a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable wedding in Virginia.

King Family Vineyards in Charlottesville provided the optimal setting. A large and spacious grounds with autumn unfolding on the leaves in the vineyard, it created a lush background for the exchanging i dos.

Providing a bridal suite space for Liv to prepare in for her big day was top on our list when it came to pampering the bride. The room also allowed for tender moments with family that were captured by Ashley Cox.

No lucky horse shoes needed for this bride! With her impeccable taste and the help of bridal salon, Kleinfelds, Liv found a dress that matched the essence of who she is: elegant,daring and timeless.

And it didn’t hurt that her pair of Jimmy Choo’s made all women exclaim with a mixture of envy and awe!

Rather than a room full of wedding jitters, the air was electric with excitement and often punctuated with Liv’s lively laughter. 

Choosing to have a large selection of friends and family stand by her side, Liv’s bridesmaids walked serenely down the aisle to I Can’t Help Falling In Love with You, played on acoustic guitar.

Liv’s choice for the bridesmaids gowns to be shimmering, softly muted and unique to each woman spoke volumes about her desire to let everyone feel included and be themselves.

And Liv knew just how to light up her friends faces when she presented each of them with a pair of flats for a night of dancing!


Waiting at the end of the aisle, Craig remained the picture of calm –  eagerly awaiting his beloved. Craig chose to have his father as his best man and several close friends stood up for him as well.

The wedding ceremony was filled with tears and smiles from surrounding family and friends. We worked our magic and added the detatils. The ambience was enchanting and full of delight.

The newly Mr. & Mrs. took their first walk up the aisle  to the song Love and Happiness, we got straight to work making the transition from ceremony to reception happen seamlessly. 

Guests were treated to music from dj Sam Hill while mingling in the reception hall. Liv was sure to find small touches to add to the fun of the evening and little reminders of their home. 

Our team loved setting out the memorable coasters with the words, Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way. As small tip of the hat, to a rapper from their home in Brooklyn.

Running an organized and smooth event is what we pride ourselves on. When guests continue to compliment the small details we know we’ve represented our bride well. 

A rewarding moment for us at Blush Events is when friends and family who travelled from out of town regale us with stories of how their travel plans came together so effortlessly. We simply smile and nod–we aren’t about to spill our secrets to arranging a destination wedding that keeps everyone happy!

The September evening was starting to settle and so was the glamourous day for Liv and Craig’s nuptials. 

As we took in the splendor of the night, we heard Liv’s laughter filter through. We spied her flirting with her new husband, enjoying the fullness of the moment. It was true love on display in a stylish and elegant way.


A toast to Liv and Craig:

May your marriage continue to be a strong friendship filled with romance, laughter and a deep appreciation for who the other person truly is!

xx Elle Loren xx

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