February 1, 2019

Justina + Dillon: Bohemian Romance

Let’s set the scene for a bohemian romance. Dramatic ambiance. Lots of wild florals and a deep color palette embossed the couple and their guests. Dreamy design makes this wedding an unforgettable experience.

Oh and did we mention the cutest part? This sweet couple is so fun, Justina gave Dillon a puppy as a wedding gift and surprised him at their rehearsal dinner with the news! A snuggle pup declares best wedding weekend ever. Not to mention a gorgeous rehearsal dinner at Pippen Hill to start the festivities.


Taking a moment with your parents is monumental, to have an intimate hug and squeeze captured will last a lifetime. Thinking about a time to take this second to express all the thanks of love and support can get lost in the whirwind of the day. We make sure to cushion your timeline for first looks with the ones that have held your hand since day one.

The presence of family was very prominent throughout the day. Justina’s siblings were very connected and close making every moment together intimate. Dillon’s family seemed to mesh with Justina’s almost organically, really coming together, uniting in their love story.

This 100 year old Saudi Arabian rug, a focal point, drawing the landscae backdrop, bursting floral arbor, and natural wood chairs together for the ceremony, was passed down by the Groom’s mother for safe keeping over several generations. 

 Adding personal items for decor gives that much more purpose and meaningful connection to the space. New concept of your something blue!

It customizes your event with each unique addition.

This rug carried the couple and their guests down the aisle, woven with past, binding the present to prepare for a strong and supporting future through any wear and tear. 

Yes there are some buns peeping in this hilarious group photo. Laughter speaks a different langauge, right in tune with the language of love. Choosing your birdal party should be like a mini family. We’re not kidding when we mentioned how close everyone felt, it made the ocassion that much more special.

This is next level, the adventure continues by water. Swooning over how serene it was. The details and logisgics to capture such a magestic moment, with rippling ease, are all in the planning. We knew this was something that needed extra hands, extra time and teamwork from our vendors.

Queue the reception full of ambience, glowing with romantic bohemia. The lighting, carpets, lace and macrame create a design full of textue. Add florals with the rich color pallete and tastefully all are surrounded in bliss. The bride and groom dance the night away to “At Last” performed by Etta James. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about how good the food was. That salmon, amazing!

I worked with Justina for almost a year before her big day, and largely an understatement, she was my type of bride – super stylish & fun! We had fun in person but mainly planned via telephone due to the bride’s busy schedule. She was always travelling for work but we emailed on the regular. Staying connected and accomodating any schedule is what we do best. Its the excitment of our day and week to get to gush over the unique details that complete your affair. 

Both the Bride and Groom were some of the sweetest I’ve worked with. Their moms were sweeter. It wasnt a suprise their children chose each other, their hearts deriving from such a kind and caring foundation.

This wedding had ALL the details, we worked to ensure each piece of decor was exactly as our bride envisioned transforming a somewhat plain venue into a Bohemian paradise, rugs & antique furniture placed in front of the lake, vintage photobooth for guests to enjoy and lots of candles and string/bulb lighting!

A toast to Justina and Dillon, may you always walk together on any terrain, finding the light within, connecting you in any situation, strengthening with continuous support. May your lights always shine through.

xx Elle Loren xx

Here is a sneak peek video to give you all the feels

Justina & Dillon – Highlight Film- Final
from byDesign Films on Vimeo.

Photography- Nicole Colwell Photography
Cinema- By Design Films
Catering- Have Food Will Travel
Venue- Montfair Resort Farm
Florals- Amanda Veronee
Hair & makeup- Gohar Makeup (Gohar Beaver) & Transformations Artistry
Music- Jordan McLamb cermeony, The Masters Of The Ceremony reception
Baker- Cakes by Rachel
Rentals- Paisley & Jade, MS Events, Cozy Caravan, Prop Shop (tent)
Lighting- The Lighting Professors