April 4, 2020

Why Invest in a Wedding Planner?

We understand how HUGE a task wedding planning can be. An entire international industry is devoted exclusively to weddings. We want to help you relax, enjoy the design process and have fun while doing it!

Here’s why hiring a wedding planner is a defining step to make your how you’ve always dreamt of this day.

In three topics we cover finding the dream team of creative partners, setting expectations overall, and how we constantly put out little fires, everywhere.

Unlocking your access to (Insert Superhero Here) i.e. fairy godmothers,
genies, wizards oh my!

Vendor Connections

When hiring a wedding planner, not only are you investing in their knowledge and expertise from Plan A to Plan Z, you are unlocking a community of experts who make storybook visions come to life.
We work with fairy godmothers every day!
Access to our arsenal of boss babes and bossmen who believe in giving everything imaginable, all while helping curate the perfect match in personality, budget, and style to fit individual needs and priorities.

We feel complete once we find every piece of the puzzle.

Setting expectations to achieve the unimaginable.

There is blunt truth in the phrase “you get what you pay for”. Trust us, finding a hobbyist gardener (usually a family member) to be a florist will not save budget, decor, or surprise, nor one’s sanity.
A planner is there to help put out little fires everywhere (clears throat, ehmm, call us, we have a few funny stories to share).

Leave it up to the professionals, especially when it comes to the
Aunt Blanche will stress everyone, like a ripple effect, because she’s swimming in buckets of thirsty, droopy flowers, three hours before guests arrive. No ma’am. Aunt Blanche, mamas, and the bridal party should only worry about the simpler things the morning of the big day, like comfy slippers, bridal party robes, and champagne poppin’!

Invest in the best quality of services to reflect the beautiful day you deserve.

More than half of our job is to extinguish potentially stressful situations. We put fires out on your behalf (especially the ones you don’t even know about)

Cue COVID-19: Insurance cannot mask the amount of money, stress, mental health, and work-web on how to advise on one of the worst-case scenarios, rescheduling the wedding. Planners have a wealth of knowledge, supporting one another in times of industry turmoil. There isn’t a manual on how to respond to global pandemics. Yet, with a planner, and our access to the trade, we are able to produce efficient, stress-free modes of tackling any and all problems for our clients. This means you are presented with a polished, bullet-proof way to continue planning the perfect day, even if it’s on a new date.

Other fires that planners make magically disappear are listed here for your entertainment (just to name a handful)…

  • Weather contingency plans, especially for outdoor weddings
  • Not enough table linens or missing rental items
  • Bride’s grandmother forgetting her earrings and taking our assistants (yes, this really happened)
  • Table garland isn’t long enough because Aunt Blanche only made 6ft garland instead of 8ft (remember poor, overworked, Aunt Blanche).
  • Get-away car runs late
  • Ordering from Men’s Warehouse
  • Power goes out due to overloading a circuit
  • Family drama – easing the tension

We are your advocates.

We play a lot of roles, in some cases, being the “bad guy”, so you don’t have to. Communicating with a vendor or family member is second nature, as we are your cheerleaders. Whether the vibe between the bride and Makeup Artist just isn’t right or on the wedding day, Best Friend, Makeup Youtuber applies orange contour with too much bronzer. We help ease the tension, communicate a remedy, and find a proven alternate that complements the needs and wants of our couple. We take pride in helping you find your dream team.

Radiating good vibes.

Your planner should complement the overall vibe, as a mentor to help bring a vision to life. With our guidance, we help create the artistry of the planning process. Through our brand, we have an arsenal of creative partners that have a stacked repertoire of all the latest styles and trends for your wedding.

Let us take your event to the next level.

xx Blush Babes xx